Emily Jane Graves (emilyjanegraves) wrote in zinegeeks,
Emily Jane Graves

Winemaking Zine - call for contributions!

I am putting together a zine called "Come Wine With Me" and would like your input!

I want the zine to be a celebration of winemaking and a source of inspiration for winemakers! (And when I say wine I also mean other homemade alcohols like mead, beer, cider and sloe gin. I want the zine to be about all these things!) I know there are already countless books on "how to" books for making your own alcohol, so the sort of thing I was thinking could go in this zine are:
  • your favourite recipe(s)
  • wine-related stories and anecdotes
  • your winemaking tips
  • drawings/illustrations
  • recommended reading
  • anything else you think would be suitable!

The finished zine will be a5 sized UK sizing (I think that's half size in US sizing), and as this is a not-for-profit project copies will be sold to cover costs. The deadline for submissions is the 1st August 2010, so let me know if you want to get involved: theheartfactory@gmail.com

(I am crossposting this to the various LJ zine communities I am part of, so sorry if you see this multiple times.)
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